Simply Sandwiches

2435 Ash St., Palo Alto, CA 94306


Simply Sandwiches is a local sandwich shop located on California Avenue that offers a wide range of sandwiches. Students can customize their sandwiches with meats such as turkey, roast beef, ham, salami, tuna and chicken. Moreover, other popular sandwiches include the Egg Salad Sandwich and Curry Chicken Sandwich. The best part of Simply Sandwiches is its affordability. Most sandwiches tend to range from $5 to $7, making it a cheap lunch option. However, its affordability doesn’t ditract from its quality. According to junior Charlie Oliveira, all of the food at Simply Sandwiches is fresh.

“I like to go to Simply Sandwiches because all of their products are real quality,” Oliveira said. “You need to support your local sandwich spot.”

Ike’s Place

475 Via Ortega, Stanford, CA 94305


Ike’s Place, located on the edge of Stanford campus, is known for its unique sandwich selection and quirky sandwich names.

“I like Ike’s because the sandwiches there are so original and exotic,” freshman Steven Marinkovich said.

With a wide variety to choose from, customers will be sure to find something enjoyable for all different tastes. Some favorites include the Herbert Hoover and Matt Cain. The Herbert Hoover is made of American cheese, bacon, ham and mozzarella sticks; the Matt Cain contains Godfather sauce, provolone, roast beef, salami and turkey. Ike’s is not close to campus for students to visit during lunch, but it is an excellent place to visit on the weekend. However, Ike’s often has long lines, so be prepared to wait for your food. It’s also important to bring extra money because some of their sandwiches tend to be pricey.

Peninsula Creamery Dairy Store

900 High St., Palo Alto, CA 94301


The Peninsula Creamery Dairy Store is one of the closest sandwich shops to Paly. Located in downtown Palo Alto, the Dairy Store is easily within walking distance of Paly.

The restaurant has a broad menu that offers sandwiches, burgers and milkshakes. Some enjoyable sandwiches at the Dairy Store are the Breakfast Sandwich and the Meat Hanger.

The Breakfast Sandwich, served only until 11 a.m., is composed of an egg, cheese and a choice of either ham, bacon or sausage. The Meat Hanger has grilled roast beef, onions, bell peppers and American and Jack cheese on sourdough bread.

Many other tasty sandwiches can be found on the menu. With reasonable prices, the Dairy Store is a great option for Paly students to find a tasty sandwich along with delicious milkshakes.

The Melt

180 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94304

Specializing in grilled cheese sandwiches, The Melt offers a unique twist to this traditional American comfort food. For those who like their grilled cheese sandwiches with “gourmet” ingredients like braised short rib and portabella, The Melt is the place for you.

Popular sandwiches at The Melt include the Cheesesteak Melt and the Mac Daddy. The Cheesesteak Melt contains American cheese, sirloin steak and grilled onions. The Mac Daddy is composed of aged cheddar and macaroni on artisan white bread. Both sandwiches are perfect examples of the nearly exotic flavor  combinations offered at the shop. The Melt also offers an assortment of salads and soups. Be sure to try the popular Tomato Basil Soup along with your sandwich. Although the Melt is a bit expensive, the grilled cheeses are hard to resist.

Driftwood Deli and Market 

 3450 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306

Located on El Camino Real, Driftwood Deli and Market is a short drive from Paly, making it a popular lunchtime destination for many students.

Among the most popular sandwiches are the Heaven on Earth and the Kevin’s sandwiches. The Heaven on Earth has roast beef, melted jack, bacon and avocado and the Kevin’s has BBQ beef, bacon, cheddar cheese, hot sauce and mayo. According to senior Danny Erlich, Driftwood’s best sandwich is the Kevin’s.

“The way to go is to have the Kevin’s on dutch crunch,” Erlich said. “It never disappoints, which is why I always return to Driftwood.”

In addition, Driftwood offers avariety of different breakfast, salads, snacks and drinks. The shop’s close proximity to Paly and tasty sandwiches makes Driftwood a great place to eat lunch.

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