68 tenured faculty members signed an open letter to the Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) Board of Education, addressing the weighted GPA debate. They took a stance against weighted grades and explained some of its possible unintended consequences.

Alternatively, a petition in support of weighted grades reached over 400 supporters over the past week.

Click here to read the staff letter, and here to view the petition.


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Ethan Teo is a senior at Palo Alto High School and an Editor-in-Chief of The Campanile. He is extensively involved in journalism, having interned at the Stanford Daily and led Camp MAC as a Curriculum Director. Outside of journalism, he is a competitive debater and also enjoys guitar and basketball. Together with the rest of The Campanile staff, Teo aspires to further strengthen The Campanile as an award-winning publication.

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4 Responses

  1. Ze'ev Wurman

    Teachers’ petition will be much more convincing in its sincerity a day after they also sign a letter to the administration waiving their right to receive salary bonuses based on gaining advanced degrees … even if the degree has nothing to do with the subject they are teaching.

    Incidentally, why are teachers’ names absent from the web post? Are they ashamed of signing the petition?

    • admin

      Unfortunately, we are unsure why the names are not shown on the attachment. This is the attachment that was sent to us, so we will be following up to see if there is a copy with the names of the teachers that signed the petition! Once we receive it, we will update this article with the correct PDF.

      • Ze'ev Wurman

        Thanks for the clarification. The question still stands.

  2. Ahana Ganguly

    There’s also a petition against weighted GPA (, started today, with 126 supporters so far.


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