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Luxury car companies ought to make more affordable models

Whether or not you own a luxury car, there is no denying the instinct to admire the Bugatti that just raced down the road or the Bentley that’s parked down the street.

It’s not a secret we all have cravings for the materialistic aspects of life.

However, we often face the problem of affording such entities.

Luxury cars are one of the alluring belongings in life people are powerfully inclined to purchase.

We hear the name of luxurious cars all the time, whether it’s Mercedes, Tesla, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Buggati, Audi, Rolls Royce or  BMW.

Such brands have become more popular as companies frequently release improved models. But not everyone can go out to get themselves a Ferrari or Lamborghini, and unfortunately, most car companies use this price disparity to their advantage.

Car manufactures need to reevaluate the price tag they put on luxury cars, because the retail price is simply too high.

According to Kelley Blue Book, a popular automotive research company, the average cost of a new luxury vehicle was $55,751 in November.

But the initial cost isn’t the only thing we should be concerned about. Several other factors drive up the price of an automobile.

For instance, most deluxe cars require buying expensive premium gas.

Maintenance repairs and insurance are also other costly necessities to sustain the remarkable automobiles in good condition.

With so many additions to the original cost, it leads to the question of whether the car is even worth the large sum that is being paid.

A simple solution is having automobile companies make more affordable models of their luxury cars.

Many companies have taken this step and are looking to drop the far-fetched price of their top-end models so more people can buy them.

Recently, Tesla came out with the Model 3, an affordable luxury car listed at $35,000, almost $40,000 cheaper than the $74,900 priced Model S. Although the Model 3 is popular for its enticing price tag, reserving a Model 3 vehicle takes anywhere from 12 to 18 months to get.

Despite this, the car is, on average, receiving 1,800 orders per day, revealing that people are quite satisfied with Tesla offering an affordable version of a luxury car.

Sales of this new model have soared since it has similar designs and features to many luxury cars, including the Model S, at a cheaper price.

“You don’t really maintain the [Telsa Model 3] like you do your expensive [Mercedes] Benz. You pay around $13,000 for some of the brakes at Benz, but these new built-in affordable brakes last forever.”

Tesla representative.

Luxury cars also contain features many people can benefit from.

For example, many of these top-notch cars also have the most advanced safety options, such as automatic emergency braking, blind spot warning blinkers and even several cameras.

These features may prevent countless accidents, so why not allow more people to enjoy this technology and improved safety?

Fortunately, companies have received plenty of interest from car consumers in the latest cars due to the balance of affordability along with improved durability, style, and technology.

“It’s great to see companies like Tesla are already lowering prices on luxurious cars especially since Tesla has numerous safety features. Hopefully other companies can follow this trend and step up their game.”

Stan De Martel

The goal is that in the future, luxury car companies will understand the market better and, like Tesla, take steps to produce lower cost cars with helpful and reliable safety features.