10) Cross Embarcadero before the light changes to show them your courageous heart.

9) Hit on that guy/girl who you know will be attending the same college as you next year.

8) Go after underclassmen hoping the allure of prom compels them to give you a chance.

7) Stalk that special someone on Schoology to engineer chance run-ins in the halls.

6) Impress them by telling them how successful your NJB team is this season.

5) Use APUSH to flirt, study dates at Coupa are just a text away.

4) Create your crush a personalized Spotify playlist.

3) That high school is almost another eight of the way over.

2) that there were no streakers during Spirit Week. Nobody wants that!

1) That you get to go to Palo Alto High School.

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Paarth Sharma is a senior at Palo Alto High School and is the Managing Editor of the Campanile. He enjoys writing all forms of stories, especially columns, features and opinions.

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