The Campanile’s seventh Centennial Report

For an entire century, The Campanile has kept students, families and staff informed about their community.

From a visit by jazz legend Duke Ellington to multiple cases of arson, this edition of the Centennial Report revisits the headlines of decades past.

March 23. 1933

Volume XV No. 21

The Commissioner of Publications for The Campanile brought national attention to the publication with an award winning editorial.

The article marked the third time in three years that a Campanile member had won this competition, all three of which were published in the Columbia School Press review.

March 7. 1940

Volume XXI No. 19

Concluding weeks of practice, the Eleventh Annual Boy’s Stunt Show was held on March 9. It featured several student musical ensembles, an Oscar’s Band-esque humorous orchestra, a comedy skit and a melodramatic performance of “The Light Went Out” by the junior class.

This issue contains a half-page photo of several boys in suits and top hats posing, advertising the dramatic performance aspect of the show.

March 5. 1954

Volume XXXI No. 11

After 18 years of service, Paly Principal Ivan H. Linder was moved to the position of Assistant Superintendent of the District after a vote by the Board of Education. According to Linder, this move was prompted by a large increase in district enrollment, requiring additional administrative faculty to process. His successor was Ray Ruppel, a math and science teacher.

Additional articles in this edition credit Linder with improvements in student government, college attendance rates and funding for sports teams, making the Vikings the “team to beat” in the Bay Area.

March 6. 1969

Volume XLV No. 13

Jazz legend Duke Ellington announced a concert at Paly on March 10, bringing with him a fifteen-man jazz band.

This marks the first time that Duke Ellington had ever played at a high school. To commemorate the occasion, several Paly students were given the opportunity to accompany Ellington and his band onstage with the student that had reached out to Ellington to arrange the concert playing the drum set.

March 30. 1984

Volume LVII No. 13

Continuing a string of vandalism in the District, the music building on Paly’s campus was consumed in fire, which Principal Jim Shroyer credited to arson.

Four other incidences of breaking and entering followed by arson had taken place at various schools in the district that weekend.

The blaze caused almost $20,000 worth of damages to the building alone, and around $8,000-10,000 for the instruments destroyed.