An elderly woman is currently in the hospital after triggering a chain-reaction car accident on El Camino Real around 3:30 p.m. today at Paly’s Embarcadero parking lot. While driving north on El Camino Real, the woman swerved and hit a parked car, reporting that she did not feel well, according to Assistant Principal Jerry Berkson. The crash damaged a total of three parked cars.

Both the Palo Alto Fire Department and the Palo Alto Police Department showed up after 10 minutes, according to Vallen Queen, Paly’s secretary to the assistant principal. Officers on the scene said that as far as they knew, there were no injuries.

Queen was sitting in the front office when the incident took place.

I heard a crunch. There’s nothing like that sound…and I saw the smoke go up and I came out. Ernesto told me [the woman] wasn’t feeling very well and swerved; she looks a little disoriented.

Vallen Queen

Queen said the woman had gotten out of her car before Queen got to the scene, but the woman was not hurt, and the parked cars were all empty.

While two of the cars are owned by Paly faculty, one belonging to Special Education teacher Donna Alkadri and the other the property of a Paly administrator, the third car in the chain belongs to The Campanile Lifestyle Editor Leela Srinivasan.

“My friend called me and told me my car might have been hit, so I came out to the parking lot,” Srinivasan said. “When I walked around to the front, I saw the front was smashed as well. The damage was mainly in the front, and it seems like I could drive it but I don’t want to take the chance, so I’m probably going to get it towed.”

More information to come.


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