Girls volleyball alters warm-up routines

Junior Sophia Krugler said she has noticed the girls volleyball team frequently struggling to take the lead at the beginning of matches, possibly suffering from inconsistent performances.

“Our last two games we won in three sets, but prior to that, we’ve been losing a lot of sets in the first half of games so we need to stay consistent,” Krugler said.

Junior Kimi Lillios said the team’s losses of sets early on may relate to their warm-up routines, which she says are not intensive enough.

“We began our games kind of slow so now we’re trying to incorporate more discipline into our warm-up routines,” Lillios said. “Moving forward, we need to come in with a more focused mindset from the very start, whereas before we were a little bit more relaxed.”

Following a pattern of repeated losses in the first few sets, the team captains held a meeting to discuss how they’d improve their warm-up routines to better prepare them for gameplay.

“We needed to change our pregame routine to start with more energy, so we introduced new things like drills, jogging to the net and back and stretching,” Krugler said. “These new elements added to our warm-up routines will really help us when we’re on the court and prevent injuries.”

Junior Trisha Razdan, said she is hopeful that these changes will result in future wins.

“It (warm-ups) can give us (the team) the confidence that we are ready to play strong,” Razdan said. “Warm-ups are crucial to gameplay, and to know that our team is trying hard to improve shows how determined we all are and how much we care about the future successes of our team.”

Even though the faulty warm-up routines haven’t evidently caused the team to lose, Lillios says the warm-ups will soon be critical to future gameplay.

“Once we start to face higher teams and more competitive teams in CCS and beyond, it’ll be more crucial to start the game strong rather than having to play catch up throughout the game,” Lillios said.

Moving forward, Krugler said she and her teammates are hopeful based on their progress thus.

Krugler said, “We hope we can qualify for CCS open this year and the only way to do that is to come out on top of our league and fix these minor problems, which we’re all doing so far.”