Jenna Hickey/Viking Magazine

Girls volleyball redirects efforts following loss

After losing its first round of open Central Coast Section to Menlo Atherton 3-2 on Nov. 2, girls volleyball hopes to recover and redirect their efforts towards Norcal playoffs according to senior team captain Grace Thayer. The team was undefeated in Santa Clara Valley Athletic League play. 

Last year, the team made it past the first round of open CCS, the first public school to do so. 

Junior Kylie Mies, said the team’s loss in open CCS had to do with their mindset.

“I think the game really tested the mental aspect of our game and we faltered on that,” Mies said. “We just didn’t have enough mental strength to stay in and finish it all the way through.”

The team thinks the loss, in a way, will help their progress junior Trisha Razdan said. 

“I think that, although it was tough to endure the loss, we will be more diligent in practice so we can hopefully win the Norcal title,” Razdan said. “We all just want to continue the season and that happens by winning.”

Senior captain Grace Thayer said the team’s undefeated season in SCVAL may have interfered with their effective use of practice time. 

“It’s hard to come into practice and focus every second to be better when you’re already dominating ,” Thayer said. 

Thayer said, in theory, the team’s abilities could have improved had it worked harder during matches and practices. 

“I didn’t want to go through the season and look back and think, ‘What if we had worked a little harder’ and, unfortunately, at times I think we definitely could have,” Thayer said. 

Moving forward, the team hopes to recover from its open CCS loss and, potentially, use that loss as further motivation. 

“We collectively as a team need to focus on minimizing our errors but, overall, I think (the loss) was a good wake-up call,” Thayer said. “After the game, coach Dan talked about how what we practice is reflected in how we play, and I know I took it to heart that we need to go into the next 10 days until Norcal (playoffs) with everything we have.”

Thayer is optimistic for the team and their abilities moving forward.

“We have great coaches who know what we need to do and we just need to find ways of executing better,” Thayer said. “I think the future of our team is bright.”