Art by Kaitlyn Lee

The Class of 2020’s Final Words

“The two years I’ve spent here have been the best years of my life. I’ve met so many wonderful people — both teachers and students.”

Maja Albertsson


“It really wasn’t as bad as I it out to be. I’m going to miss it.”

— Amalia Larios


“Thank the good lord for making me a Viking.”

— Ella Jones


“Goodbye to the PAC bathroom. They were the nicest on campus. Goodbye to the list of thickest girls in the art bathroom. Goodbye to Reese. I will forever think any bald man that bikes past me is you.”

— Isabel Harding


“Peace out Paly. Thank you for the memories and friends. You’ll be missed.”

— Esther Kagiri


“Thank you to everyone for a fantastic four years at Paly — I don’t think I’ll ever forget them.”

— Luca Pagani


“Thank you, next.”

— Jackie Chen