Girls volleyball thrives at tournament despite injuries

Despite suffering several injuries, the girl’s varsity volleyball team beats Notre Dame High School 3-1 in a key victory.

Setter Sophie Mies credits the team’s endurance as the main reason for their win on Sept. 18 thanks to endurance preparation.

“We were getting ready to play a lot of games,” Mies said.

Going into the tournament, varsity coach Chris Crader said there were quite a few team injuries occurring.

“We had a couple people that got injured a couple weeks ago, and we had two people get injured Wednesday (before the match),” Crader said. “But we’re fighting through it.”

The team suffered two sprained ankles, a bum knee, a concussion, an elbow injury, and a broken finger.

Crader said the team injuries did not impact the team’s performance, however, with the team winning 3 out of its 4 games against high-ranked teams.

Crader said he is proud of the team’s performance.

“The goal is to play awesome,” Crader said. “And the girls played awesome.”