Photo by Celeste Bates

Girls soccer optimistic for coming season

After finishing tryouts, junior and defender Adelaide McCarter said she is looking forward to the team’s first preseason game on Dec. 1. 

“Practice and tryouts have been super fun, and I’m really looking forward to playing with this group of girls,” McCarter said. 

McCarter said she’s also confident about the team’s performance this year.

“There is definitely some tough competition, but I’m optimistic that we will be able to work together and pull through to see results,” McCarter said.  

She said players are primarily focused on communicating on the field.

“I think as a team the first few games in preseason are generally where you try new things and learn how to work together and communicate on the field,” McCarter said. “Every team has a different dynamic, so in the first couple games, I think it’s important for us to try new things and learn what works and what doesn’t from our mistakes.” 

Junior and center-defense Miya Whiteley also said the team needs to work on its dynamic. 

She said, “I think we need to learn how to play off each other and work as a whole team because right now we are just getting started, and it might take us a little while to find our rhythm.”