Addition of a night rally

Of all the Paly traditions the most notable is Spirit Week. Almost all of the student body will dress up in outrageous outfits for a week to represent Paly and their respective class, but once the school day is over most people just go home and forget about it. How can an entire school’s spirit be shown in the course of one week only during school hours?
Some people are left wanting more out of the day than what they can get just from school but beside float building there is nothing for the average student. Henry M. Gunn High School holds a night rally one day of the week during their spirit week to keep the school spirit going throughout the night.
At these night rallies they hold their Spirit Week Dance which is one of the highlights of the week for many gunn students. These dances have controlled lighting and more people involved in the dance itself.
During the school day there is an atmosphere focused around schoolwork that limits your ability to just sit and enjoy a rally whereas a rally that is at night would have a completely different atmosphere focused solely on the spirit of the event. Creating an event that is not during the regular school hours would divert attention from schoolwork to school spirit.
With the addition of a night rally, Paly could add different activities to the week like Gunn’s airbands or make up a completely new activity. Students enjoy the competition that spirit week brings and adding a new rally that is not during school hours will just increase the enthusiasm that is shown during the regular week rallies.
A night rally could also be a unifying event for the schools and instead of each grade competing against each other there could be some sort of show performed by teachers and students alike, such as the teacher dance.