Advertising in The Campanile, the school newspaper of Palo Alto High School, is an effective way to reach the 2000 students at Palo Alto High School, and an additional 4000 parents. In addition, advertising through The Campanile supports the award winning journalism program at Palo Alto High School and enables the students of Palo Alto High School to continue publishing The Campanile.

Each issue of The Campanile is mailed home to the parents of Palo Alto High students. Our total circulation includes about 6000 parents, teachers, community members, and students, making advertising in The Campanile the most effective way to reach Palo Alto residents who have teenage children.

The Campanile’s student advertising staff would be happy to help you design an ad or run your camera-ready copy. Our ad sizes can be adjusted to your needs and run from a business card size to a full page. We look forward to serving you and helping you reach your business goals.

The Campanile Ad Packet 2022-2023

Print Pricing:

The Campanile Ads (Black & White)SizePrice
Business card size3.5” X 2”$60
⅛ page5.5” X 5”$175
¼ page5.4” X 10.3”$349
½ page11” X 9.8”$475

Online Pricing:

One Month$175
Three Months$500
Six Months$900

Special discounts:

-10% off entire purchase for buying 5 ads in the school year
-20% off entire purchase if ten ads are sold (they can carry on into the next year)
-5% off entire purchase for buying two, three or four consecutive ads
-If you buy a print or online advertisement, then you’ll get 20% off for buying an advertisement of a different type
(if you initially bought print, 20% off your online ad purchase)
-Email to inquire about further discounts or offers.

We encourage you to visit to view our newspaper issues. We hope that seeing the issues and the ads will help you decide to place to place an ad in our paper.

2022-2023 Publishing Schedule:

Issues are published approximately once per month. Ads are due one week prior to publishing dates. Publishing dates may be subject to change.