The Campanile’s Annual College Map 2016

The following is an interactive map of Palo Alto High School graduating seniors’ post high school plans as of May 20. Congrats to the Class of 2016!

See the fullscreen map here.


Gap Year and International Schools

Name Plans Beyond High School
Sophia Anderson Southeast Asia
Sophia Armitano Work and travel
Justyn Cheung Work
Conner Donnelly Travel
Alexander Gouyet Work and travel
Arianna Groetsema Travel
Jamie Har Work, travel and discipleship
Bradley Howes Work and art education
Jillian Hu Gap Year: Japan
Henry Hughes Work and travel
Eve Jobs Horseback riding
Julian Knodt Travel
Cassidy Kornfield Work and travel
Christian Laurence Gap Year: Fiji, Australia, Argentina
Carl Goodfriend Work
Ivan Lenkov Glassblowing Apprenticeship
Anthony McFadden Work
Aishee Mukherji Community service in India and US
Liam Noroian Work
Alys Olmstead Travel and Internship
Casey Palafox Travel
Emmanuelle Poivet Gap Year: France
August Ramberg-Gomez Hiking Appalachian Mountains and Pacific Crest Trail
Ellinor Saltin Modeling in Sweden, Spain, France, England and US
Julian Soltero Work and travel
Tara Strauch Living in Belgium
Rebecca Sunneras Jonsson Europe and Asia
Rachel van Gelder Work and travel abroad
Hannah Bernstein Returning to Norway
William Dougall University of British Columbia (Canada)
Elias Fedel University College London (England)
Andrew Gibson King’s College London (England)
Maximillien Hallberg McGill University (Canada)
Takaaki Sagawa London School of Economics and Political Science (England)
Zachary Schlenker University of St. Andrews (Scotland)
Aidan Van Vleck University of British Columbia (Canada)
Dimiter Zlatkov University of British Columbia (Canada)

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