Losing has been a foreign concept to the 2017 Palo Alto High School softball team. The team boasts the league leaders in every relevant statistic, with the exceptions of batters struck out and stolen bases, and has altogether dominated all who dare step into its path.

Senior Madeleine Frick has been beyond pleased with how the season has gone thus far.

“I think our season has gone really well up to this point and I’m really glad we are starting off with a winning record,” said Frick.

Through the first seven games of the season, the Vikings have consistently demolished their rivals, outscoring practically all of their opponents by a total 44 runs and posting a 5-2 record.

Frick attributes the early success to team chemistry.

“I think we really have come together as a team this year and we can all relax and depend on each other to do our part which makes a difference,” Frick said.

The team had a game scheduled against Fremont High School on March 24, but the game was cancelled due to heavy rain.

A makeup game has been scheduled for April 17.

Looking ahead the Vikings have no games until after spring break, when the play the Gunn High School in the infamous cross-town rivalry on April 12 at Paly.

Frick believes that the team could have a successful season.

“I think we need to keep up the good attitude and play our best in every game and we can have a great season,” Frick said.

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