The Campanile: Hey Nick, how has your day been?
Nick Zhao: Good, you know, I just smashed… my BC test. Starting the semester off strong.
TC: How are you enjoying SSS (Second Semester Senior) lifestyle?
NZ: Trying a lot of new things, having a lot of new experiences and taking my time before college.
TC: Anything in particular?
NZ: You know, exploring some activities with the latest in blockchain technology. I’ve been doing a bit of research on the side to familiarize myself with cryptocurrency. I’m an avid investor.
TC: I’ve heard you’ve done some AI as well. Can you talk about that?
NZ: Yeah, that’s true. I’m pretty well versed with machine learning, especially in the financial services industry. I’ve done several projects with mentors and look forward to grasping the new tech of AI.
TC: Now that you’re done with apps, what are you going to do for fun?
NZ: I’m probably going to do a lot of Smash… Bros, you know, like Mario!
TC: You’re a gamer?
NZ: Yeah, I’m into Fortnite. It’s pretty fun, especially when you’re playing with other friends. You get to expand your social depth, character building. I had to take the weekend off to study, though. Gotta work hard before you play hard.
TC: Any plans for next weekend?
NZ: Exploring new types of exercises, working the body out.
TC: Can you talk through some of them?
NZ: Working through the quads and glutes, especially. It’s good for increased stamina. Got to make sure you have a partner when you work out, though. That always makes it more fun than doing it by yourself.
TC: Prom just got announced. Any thoughts?
NZ: I’m looking forward to it. This is my last year here, so I’m looking to take full advantage of whatever I can. I’ve got a few other prom events lined up in my schedule, but I’m excited for PALY’s as well.
TC: Wow, seems like you’re a social guy.
NZ: I’m in more of a study and work mindset right now, just keeping my head down and grinding.
TC: Your phone’s been going off as we speak. How’s your presence on social media?
NZ: I’m not really a social media guy. I mainly stick to the Wall Street Journal app, where I get to swipe right and match with articles to keep myself informed about blockchain technology and the latest artificial intelligence news.
TC: Truly a man of many talents. Any last words for readers out there?
NZ: Just make sure to keep your grades up and be a good student while you can. I took full advantage of any opportunities that came up, which is why I’m where I’m at today. Finally, on a more serious note, don’t forget to spend time with friends and family while you can before you move on for the next four years.
TC: Thanks for the wise words and here’s to a great SSS.
NZ: No problem.

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