Top Ten Paly Pick-up Lines

10) Are you in the advanced math lane? Because I’d really like to BC-ing you.

9) Are you the quadratic formula? Because I’d be down 2a date with you.

8) Are you my  beginning-of-the-year motivation? Because I’m really trying to hold on to you.

7) Are you the fire alarm? Because at this point, even when you’re silent, I still hear you in my head.

6)  Are you lunch? Because I really never get enough time with you.

5)  If you’re a Howie’s pizza, I’m the grease all over you.

4) You must be a cupcake, because I sure do Kara bout you.

3) Are you the classroom thermostat? Because you’re just too cool.

2) Are you an overpriced burger? Because I Gott’s to have you.

1) You must be spikeball, because even though I don’t understand you, people seem to really like you.