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Top tech products that put appearance first

Top tech products that put appearance first

Technology has become so integral to our everyday lives that the way in which we look with our pieces of technology should be considered. Flaunting that super sleek, just-released piece of technology you bought is always fun, especially when your friends take notice. However, if you happen to buy a new piece of technology that garners more disgusted stares than wistful glances, you might want to rethink your most recent purchase. Here is a guide to the most stylish and most innovative pieces of tech that will satisfy both your aesthetic style and tech needs.

Moto X Pure:

Motorola has consistently beat its smartphone competitors in one particular category: customizability. Motorola’s newest flagship phone, the Moto X Pure, increased its customizability to further satisfy its customers’ aesthetic desires. With the Motorola’s new online website tool, Moto Maker, customers will be able to choose the color of the back of the phone, the color of the metal bezels and even engrave their phones with a unique message or name on the back. With its new customizability, the Moto X Pure proves to excel in its ability to perform as well, as it is powered by one of Qualcomm’s newest processors, the Snapdragon 808, 3GB of RAM and 600MHz Adreno 418 graphics processing unit. Because of the Moto X Pure’s high-end specs, running Android’s newest operating system, Marshmallow, the phone is fast and snappy. Motorola retains its title of “most customizable products” with the Moto X Pure.

Samsung Gear S2:

In terms of wearable technology, Samsung has been slacking behind its competitors such as Motorola and Apple. It wasn’t until recently that Samsung released the Samsung Gear S2. Samsung was one of the first major tech companies to release a smartwatch in 2013; however, the first model was met with poor reviews due to its complicated and sluggish user interface and unappealing design. Fast forward four years later and Samsung completely reimagined its smartwatch. With the Gear S2, Samsung delivered a sleek metal chassis with a round screen, along with a simpler and more navigable operating system. Customers are also given the choice between a black, grey and white colorway as well as a rubber or leather band with the new watch.

Beats By Dre Solo 2:

Beats By Dre have not received the most popular reviews among audiophiles, but it is difficult to deny the company’s ability to make incredible looking headphones. Beats By Dre’s on-ear headphone model, the Solo 2s, are small enough so that they are portable and easy to carry, yet large enough so that the premium leather earcups cover the ear. The Solo 2s are made with a durable, glossy plastic with no visible screws, making the pair of headphones appear modern and simplistic. If Beats By Dre’s color selection does not satisfy you, there is an alternative to customize your headphones. For an extra $180, Colorware will allow you to choose the color and texture for every part of the headphone, from the earcups to the inner and outer frame.

Apple iPad Pro:

Just like Samsung was one of the first major tech companies to release a smartwatch, Apple was one of the first major tech companies to release the tablet. The very concept of the iPad was scrutinized due to people perceiving it to be just a “bigger iPod Touch.” Despite this, the iPad has proven to be one of Apple’s most successful products, as Apple rose $7.084 billion dollars solely in first quarter of 2016. This is with good reason, as its latest iPad, the iPad Pro, is arguably one of the best looking and performing tablets in the market. The iPad Pro boasts a 0.24-inch thick metal chassis and weighs in at 0.96 pounds. Despite its slim frame, the iPad Pro is incredibly fast. The iPad Pro contains Apple’s newest A9X Chip with a 64 bit architecture and M9 coprocessor that tracks a customer’s actions and movements. The 9.7-inch screen is perfect for media consumption, as it is able to play and stream 4K video.

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