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How to survive Shoreline concerts


Summer is right around the corner, and that can only mean one thing: Shoreline concert season. Shoreline Amphitheatre, located in Mountain View, is home to two large white tents and a sprawling lawn that you may recognize from your friends’ many Instagram posts. Concerts at this venue can range from pop music to hip-hop to country, the latter being the most popular during the summer. With a holding capacity of 22,500 people, Shoreline can be a disaster waiting to happen. Many of those attending Shoreline concerts don’t necessarily go for the music (but shoutout to all you country music fans) — most merely go for the Shoreline experience and to hang out with friends. If you are planning to visit Shoreline this summer, I have a few tips that will ensure that you have the absolutely best experience possible.

Come prepared 

This might seem like a given, but you may be surprised by the large number of people who come to concerts without money or other essentials. Shoreline allows concert-goers to bring tightly sealed, packaged foods and bottled water from home. This is highly recommended, unless you want to spend eight dollars on fries and five dollars on a bottle of water. A good wardrobe accesory to carry your necessities is a stylish fanny pack. Ignore the haters and the weird looks you might receive, as a fanny pack will let you keep your hands free and greatly improve your experience.

Avoid being photographed 

During a concert, you might find yourself wanting to find a quiet area to escape the chaos and being photographed by your friends is definitely not something that would help the situation. Even worse, if one of your friends decides to post pictures and tag you in them on Facebook, your grandma, aunt or other relatives could comment about how grown up you look. Another downside to being photographed is the relatively high likelihood that you will be put on the infamous Twitter account “Sloppy Shoreline.” To those who are unfamiliar with it, Sloppy Shoreline is a Twitter account managed anonymously that posts embarrassing pictures of many concert attendees. With the slogan “stay sloppy my friends,” this account has captured people’s worst moments and embarrassed many to the fullest potential. To avoid being mortified on Twitter (and eventually by all your friends in-person), make sure to stay away from anyone with a camera.

Wear close-toed shoes

This tip might be the most important, as it can save your feet from the horrors of the Shoreline lawn. For those of you who, like the majority of Shoreline’s concertgoers, will be attending a show with lawn seat tickets, wearing closed shoes is essential. People over 21 who may have had too much to drink can soil the ground with their vomit. While they are hurling their regrets onto the grass, their bottles can smash onto the ground and cause glass shards to fly everywhere. To avoid slipping in someone else’s waste and/or losing a foot, close-toed shoes will help keep your feet safe and clean, so you can quickly make a getaway from the scene. Be extra careful about where you step, as people enjoy lying on the grass in complete darkness where no one can see them.

All jokes aside, Shoreline concerts are a great place to have fun with friends, enjoy  music and celebrate a stress-free, school-free summer. Buy your concert tickets soon — hope to see you there!

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