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1 in 2000: Faisal Ojjeh


The Campanile: Hey Faisal, what do you know about Laith Ojjeh?

Faisal Ojjeh: I know that Laith Ojjeh is a very respectable, kind and funny man, and I’m glad to be called his brother.

TC: That’s so sweet. How often do people come up to you and ask about your brother?

FO: About 4 times a day, people come up to me and ask me about my brother. I must say, it gets quite annoying.

TC: That sucks, man. What are some of the nicknames that people have given you?

FO: I have heard several different names that Laith’s friends call me, from little Ojjeh to pimp. I have heard it all.

TC: Wow. What do those titles mean to you?

FO: To me, the title basically means that I have big shoes to fill if I want to come anywhere close to what my brother was at Paly.

TC: Good luck with that, man. How has your freshman year been going so far?

FO: My freshman year has been great so far. Even though at first I was a little scared of entering such a big school, everyone here welcomed me with open arms.

TC: Glad to see you are doing well. Are you excited to be an upperclassmen? If so, what are you looking forward to?

FO: I’m looking forward to reinstating freshman Friday’s at Paly when I’m an upperclassman.

TC: Here’s another random question. If you could describe your brother in one word, what would it be?

FO: If I could give one word to describe my brother, it would simply be “legend”.

TC: What exactly makes your brother a legend?

FO: Laith is a legend because even though he was only at Paly for a short 2 years, he was still a well-known and  significant person at Paly. Also, he managed to have nearly everyone he meets love him.

TC: How about for yourself, what one word would you use to describe you?

FO: If I could give one word to describe myself, it would probably be “savage.”

TC: What exactly makes you a savage?

FO: Urban dictionary defines “savage” as “badass or cool,” so I believe that I fit that criteria. For the last two years I’ve lived in Palo Alto, I managed to become quite a badass in class and among my friends.

TC: Right on, dude. Moving away from the topic of school, do you have any passions?

FO: Alright, hold up, let me think…

TC: Sure thing, Faisal.

FO: Okay, I got it. My passions are hanging out with my friends and having a hell of a good time and playing sports.

TC: Oh cool, what sports do you play?

FO: *silence*

TC: Alright dude, apparently I need some more information, anything else you want say? Answering this question is optional. I promise you, this is the last thing I’m going to ask you today.

FO: *silence*

TC: Right on, man. On that note,  have a great day!

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