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Fall Fashion




Moto Jackets

As the weather starts to cool down, many girls will struggle to find a jacket that keeps them warm, yet is still fashionable and chic. Moto jackets are perfect : these handy garments are usually made of leather, are relatively thick and will protect you from the brisk chill of Palo Alto in the fall. Moto jackets can spice up any outfit, whether it’s a shirt and shorts or a blouse with jeans. These jackets are the classic rendition of the “tough girl” outfit.


Satin Camisoles

It can get boring wearing the same sweatshirt everyday and not knowing how to switch it up. Fall is a great time to try out a layered look, and satin camisoles are perfect for this. These shirts are essentially tank tops with decorative trimming, such as lace. Satin camis are a more formal and frilly version of a traditional camisole. The fabric is a soft weave with a glossy look and is extremely smooth against your skin. If your personal style is more on the feminine and girly side, then these are right up your alley. You can pair them with jeans and a nice sweater or blazer on top. These camisoles come in all colors and sizes, so they’ll work for anyone.


Bell Sleeves

Although it’s technically supposed to be getting colder, we all know that in Palo Alto it’s never really below 60 degrees. These temperatures may be consistently pretty high for fall, but they still occasionally call for a long-sleeved shirt. If you’re bored of classic long-sleeved blouses, then the bell sleeve trend is probably right for you. Instead of regular, fitted sleeves, bell sleeves billow out at around your elbows, giving off a nifty poofy aesthetic. If you want to see examples of this trend, look no further than pretty much any music festival in history. These shirts are a unique twist on the classic T and also tend to highlight your curves;  if that’s what you’re looking for, then bell sleeves are a trend you should try this fall.


Tall Boots

Shoes are a vital part of any outfit, and in the fall it can be hard to find cute and comfortable shoes that aren’t your everyday sneakers. If you’re tired of Uggs and rain boots being your only footwear options, then keep reading. Tall shaft boots are a good way to tie your outfit together and keep it looking classy. Dark brown and black boots look great with dark wash jeans or leggings and tan or light brown boots tend to pair nicely with lighter wash jeans. For complimentary tops, a nice blouse or sweater will match well with the boots. On particularly cold days, long socks that peek out from the tops of the boots can also be a cute option. If it’s not cold enough for pants, these shoes can also work with a skirt or dress. They offer an effortlessly chic look and are definitely going to be immensely popular this season.




Slim fit pants

Boys can sometimes be hesitant to ditch their classic chinos and athletic shorts, even as the days get cooler. Don’t let your fear of taking fashion risks stop you from being warm and looking good! Slim fit pants are a great staple for guys who prefer a more classic and traditional look. These pants aren’t tight enough to cut off blood circulation, but they are tighter than wide or boot cut pants. This style is versatile: adding a pair of these pants to your wardrobe won’t mess with your overall aesthetic, it will only add to it.


Patterned Socks

We all know that socks are a part of any wardrobe , and for the most part, they are seen as just that: feet-warmers intended solely for practicality and function. In this mindset, socks are often cast aside as a missed opportunity for individuality and self-expression. However, any foot coverings can be an easy and awesome way to add subtle flare to your everyday outfit. Whether they be humorous or just a crazy pattern, your socks can communicate a lot to your peers about who you are. If you are looking to break free from your classic Nike Elites, a pair of patterned socks would go a long way in customizing your outfit.


Longline Tees

When it comes to men’s fall fashion, the traditional t-shirt and jeans can be tedious. However, school may not be the place that you are comfortable trying out a crazy new style. Fortunately, there is a cut that you can wear that is not far off from your regular t-shirt. Longline tees are a unique style of shirt where the bottom hem reaches to about mid-thigh. Popular figures in the media, such as Kanye West and Justin Bieber, have been seen sporting these shirts frequently. If you want to switch it up without getting too crazy, try replacing your everyday t-shirt with a longline tee.


We are falling in love with these trends, and you should be too. Follow this advice and you will be leafing the house looking fly as heck. Don’t be a Halloweenie and take some fashion risks this season. The most important thing to remember, however, is to wear what you feel comfortable in and what makes you happy.

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