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How to prepare for the Gilmore Girls revival


If you are anything like me, Gilmore Girls has been a huge part of your existence. You have watched each episode a million times, and have had countless conversations with friends about who Rory should have ended up with and what those final four words are. All of these questions will finally be answered when the Gilmore Girls revival premieres on Nov. 25. It will be made up of four 90 minute episodes, each named after a different season. Here are some steps to prepare for the reboot of the beloved show.

Binge watch all the episodes

If you haven’t seen Gilmore Girls yet, you better clear your schedule  in order to watch the entire series — it will only take you about 115 hours (five full days), and trust me, it’s definitely worth it. For those of you who have seen Gilmore Girls a million times like me, I know ever since the show ended, you cannot stop rewatching it, causing your friends who don’t watch Gilmore Girls to wonder why you are so obsessed. Now, you finally have a legitimate excuse to rewatch — you must prepare yourself for the revival. In doing so, you will recall why you love so many of the characters, such as Emily and Paris, and why you hate the ones that ruined your favorite characters’ lives, including April and Christopher. Furthermore, you will remember all of the terrific quotes that slipped your mind over the years, like your favorite catchphrase, “Oy with the poodles already,” or the best advice ever given, “If you’re gonna throw your life away, he’d better have a motorcycle.”

Brush up on your pop culture references

In typical Gilmore Girls style, the revival will likely be full of pop culture references — the trailer even mentions Amy Schumer and John Oliver. It is essential that you are up to speed with all of the most recent movies, television shows and celebrity drama to ensure that you can keep up with the Gilmore girls’ quick banter. However, as hard as you may try, you’ll never be able to understand all the references, but don’t worry — you can always search it up on the Internet.

Stockpile on junk food and take-out

Let’s be honest: there’s no way you can watch Gilmore girls without being in a complete sugar coma. I recommend loading up on coffee, pizza, Chinese food and leftover Halloween  candy in preparation for the premier. Feel free to experiment with your snack food — possibly even making dessert sushi or deep-fried ice cream, as Rory and Lorelai did when they travelled to  fake Asia wearing kimonos. Even though you’ll be acting like a Gilmore girl, don’t expect to have the same speedy metabolism as them: you’ll probably gain quite a bit of weight if you continue to eat like them.

Dissect every second of the new Gilmore Girls trailer

I am certain that you have already seen the trailer — if not, you really cannot call yourself a devoted Gilmore Girls fan — but make sure that you re-watch it multiple times in order to uncover all its clues. The trailer has undoubtedly brought up lots of questions: why are Lorelai and Rory holding coffee cups from Al’s and not from Luke’s? Why is Kirk at the obligatory grandparents’ Friday night dinner? Is one of the Gilmore girls pregnant? Are Luke and Lorelai living together? Married? We only have to wait until Nov. 25 to find out!

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