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CFP being held back by four-team format

The College Football Playoff (CFP) consists of the four highest ranked teams throughout the nation. Only recently did the College Football Playoff committee decide to change the number of teams from two to four. However from this past National College Athletic Association (NCAA) season, it is quite clear that there could be more than four teams competing for the championship.

Due to this past NCAA season, it is quite clear that there should be more than four teams competing for the championship.

The most clear example that there could be an increase in the amount of teams, is the fact that the Pennsylvania State University and the University of Michigan teams are not in the running for the title. Although Penn State won the Big Ten championship, making them the best team in their division, they are now prevented from the possibility of a national championship. Instead, the Big Ten team which has the playoff spot is Ohio State University. Although Penn State beat OSU in a regular season game 24-21, OSU has been given a ticket to the postseason. In addition to Penn State beating OSU, Michigan beat Penn State in the regular season, 49-10. Looking at these states makes one question whether or not the “best team” of the Big Ten conference is represented by the team in the CFP.

If two teams were chosen from each conference to play in the CFP, it would provide a more accurate representation of the best college teams.

“The more games there are the more money the colleges make from ticket sales, which leads to more profits”

Jamie Cullen


Although this would not allow for all three of the previously mentioned teams to compete, it would bring at least two teams which can be considered equal in skill to compete for the national title. It would also make a great deal of people to be pleased with the system. The more people that are pleased, the more fans will be in attendance to the games.

“The more games that there are played in the playoffs, the more games there are, and the more games there are the more money the colleges make from ticket sales, which leads to more profits for the college and more spending opportunities for the students at the schools,” said Jamie Cullen a Paly senior.

Cullen brings a good point to the table, with the acknowledgement that the addition of teams to play in the CFP could have a further reach than just football.

The money made from the additional games and fans in attendance would bring a positive effect to not just the football society around the country but to all the students in attendance to those schools.

Although there will be those happy that their team has a higher chance of making it to the CFP, there will always be those who are unsatisfied. In March Madness, there are 64 teams, but people still complain that number is not high enough.

So while the addition of four more teams to the CFP could make for a more exciting, entertaining, and high profit tournament, there is reason to doubt that it will stop at four more teams.

It is quite possible that the addition of four teams could bring on the mindset of wanting to add four more. But, as the saying goes: the more the merrier.

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