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Aesthetic food and dessert trends gain popularity


While the popularity surrounding cronuts and deconstructed foods has hopefully come to an end, a new wave of sweet, wholesome and aesthetically appealing foods are gaining popularity and beginning to take their place.

So, what trendy new snacks can we expect to see more of in 2017?

Recently, tasty food fads have been generated due to their availability, health benefits, celebrity promotion or aesthetic presentation. Consumers want food that not only tastes good, but looks and makes them feel good. Lately, restaurants and bakeries have taken their run-of-the-mill snacks to a whole new level. The explosion in both the diversity and quantity of doughnuts available makes them the replacement of the early 2000s cupcakes in the realm of handheld dessert items.

With shops and bakeries marketing their own twists on the classic doughnut in cities like Portland, New York and San Francisco, doughnuts have taken the U.S. by storm.

Shops like Psycho Donuts in San Francisco and Voodoo Donuts in Portland specialize in over-accessorized, extravagant doughnuts. Psycho Donuts’ Cereal Killer Donut is covered in rainbow colored cereals and their Jasonut is based off of the Friday the 13th character and complete with a powdered sugar portrait of the character on top.

Regardless of what you chose, the shops have become tourist attractions that foodies and Instagrammers alike will rapidly rush into line for.

Doughnuts are not the only dessert that has had its 2017 revamp. Ice cream has gotten its own upgrade as well. Gone are the days when frozen yogurt was the newest trend that tricked our health-conscientious minds into thinking that it was in some way better for us than ice cream. Now, the frozen dessert has gotten a makeover and taken a different form entirely. Thai ice cream has become a fashionable way to consume the treat. It is made by freezing the ice cream on a metal plate and then scraping the dessert into rolls before serving with toppings such as condensed milk, chocolate sauce, almonds and mochi.

In the theme of new and upgraded desserts, “freak shakes” or milkshakes that are dressed in candy and other fun treats have also recently gained popularity. Locally, the Shakedown in San Francisco specializes in extreme milkshakes with unique flavors, such as the Strawberry Shortcake Shake that comes with mini strawberry shortcakes in the drink. With multiple satisfying and cheap delicious options, these shakes have revolutionized simple snacking.

Food trends, much like fashion trends easily fade in and out of fashion. So the newest snack trend may have gone in and out of style before you get the chance to try it.

Regardless of whether you get to try the newest trendy, tasty treat, you can look forward to aesthetic and delicious food.

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