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1 in 2000 with Cooper Kim

The Campanile: I’m here with Cooper Kim, a local Paly junior who has enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame as part of his InFocus show “Cooking with Cooper,” on which he cooks a variety of different recipes for his viewers.

Cooper Kim: Pleasure to be with you today, Paarth.

TC: So, how did it all start? Tell me about what led to the creation of the show.

CK: Well I had been watching a bunch of tasty videos on Facebook, but they were too repetitive, you know? Everything is just something else wrapped in bacon. I swear, that’s got to be like two-thirds of their page. It really just got to me. I even had to take a trip to the Wellness Center one time after accidentally opening Facebook during brunch because I was so enraged.

TC: I see. Is this why you are always cooking unique and unknown foods such as quesadillas, meatball subs and sushi?

CK: Very funny, Paarth.

TC: Was this show your first time cooking, or have you had prior experience?

CK: Well, as a man in the show business, life has always been hectic. From a young age, I had to be independent about everything. In fact, I drove myself to school as a toddler. I had a yellow 1997 Fisher-Price. Oh man, I used to pull so hard with that thing. As for cooking, I began at the age of seven. Growing up on the streets, I had to find a way to support myself and my family, even if it meant breaking the law. I’m not proud of it, but it is what is.

TC: I meant cooking food, Cooper.

CK: Oh right.` Well, like I said, I was a very independent young man, so I began to cook my own lunches back in preschool. I used to make myself a little thing I call the “Hot Pocket.”

TC: I see. Will this delicacy be featured on “Cooking with Cooper” anytime soon?

CK: I can’t let you know. I’ve revealed too much about myself already.

TC: Well, then, moving away from you, will InFocus bring back the weatherman position?

CK: Well, Paarth, We’ve made some big changes this year, and one of those was eliminating the weatherman position. Instead, we’re focusing on doing more original series, like “Cooking with Cooper” and “The Paly Bachelor.”

TC: Speaking of “The Paly Bachelor,” what are your feelings about that show?

CK: Well, as the anchor of the show, I am a little biased, but I must say, from the moment that I read the idea for such an incredible story, I just felt a spark.

TC: I think we all felt a spark watching that show. Any last words to the Paly community?

CK: No, that does it for this time. Remember, you can get the latest Paly news from InFocus, anytime, anywhere by checking us out at And check us out on our social media like Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. Until next time, have a great day Paly.

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