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Your monthly horoscope



You won’t have much on your social calendar this month; so, turn on Rihanna and get to work. You may not have much luck this week with school, but at least you’re putting in the effort.


Your future looks pretty meek, so I guess you should try to put as much effort in now as you can. Even though you have been rejected a lot lately (sometimes multiple times in a day), there are probably more rejections coming your way. The best characteristic you can attain right now is resilience.


You will encounter a spat with one of your coworkers this week. Pro tip: to prove your side, take your time this week to turn all other coworkers against this person. Talk mad s*** about them to others.


You might find yourself crying alone in a bathroom stall this week. Chances are you brought whatever made you so sad upon yourself. You can choose to improve yourself or accept your fate. Your reputation will stick with you awhile, so you better get used to spending majority of your time there.


It might be hard to focus on work since that special somebody is on your mind. But a good way to force it is to spend every waking moment focused on them. Forget work, forget food and sleep, clearly you have a special connection with this person.


You’ve been working so hard lately… well maybe not hard, but you’ve certainly been putting in work. You need some down-time from everything. Book a relaxing getaway to celebrate some time for yourself. You deserve it, girlfriend!


If you are beginning to get the feeling that somebody is trying to sabotage you, then you should follow that feeling. Everybody in the workplace is your enemy this week. Remember, there is no “team” in “you!”


The best way to stay focused this week is to eat everything in sight. Remember, food is your friend. Instead of going out with friends (what friends, amiright?), have a party in your pantry! Grab cookie dough, ice cream and hot cheetos on your way home from work and stay in.


You’ve read about it online, but now it’s time to try it out yourself. Quit your job, travel the world, and become instafamous! It’s all the rave right now. Jay and Alexis? Those travel Instagrams that you obsessively stalk everyday? That could be you!


You have been thinking about a moment for awhile. A person maybe or a decision you are hesitant to make. It’s time to make it. The stars have aligned and it is time for you to make that decision or talk to that person. Take a chance, live your life.


You are going to do something very adventurous soon and you will love it. It will change your life. Maybe it is your first time doing something. Whatever it is, you will enjoy it and it will change your life.


You’ve been working a lot. Time to take a break to get your sweat on and alleviate the stress. Try to get outdoors, but if that’s too much work then just hit up the gym and use a treadmill that has a nature video on it. Bonus if you can find one with the sounds of nature as well.

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