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Finding the best study spots at Paly


With Paly’s main library under construction, many students have found it increasingly difficult to find good study spots around campus to make use of their valuable preps or flex periods. Let’s face it: getting work done in the Media Arts Center’s (MAC) atrium is a feat almost as impossible as making an appointment with your guidance counselor. But fear not, The Campanile has got you covered with five study spots sure to help you cram in that last-minute fifth period study session for your seventh period test.

[divider]Journalism Library[/divider]

A little-known gem, the Journalism Library is located in a small, secluded area of the MAC’s second floor. Unlike the boisterous atrium below, the Journalism Library is far quieter and far less crowded. In fact, seeing more than three people occupying it at a time is an incredibly  rare sight. The library also features a collection of old yearbooks that are super fun to look through if you get bored of those APUSH notes.

[divider]Math Resource Center[/divider]

The Math Resource Center (MRC) is located on the second floor of the Math and History building, and is another good study spot on campus. The main feature of this study haven is its food policy. Unlike other places on campus where your pasta salad will be met with disdainful glances from disapproving administrators, the MRC goes so far as to encourage eating by providing a microwave. The MRC also offers a selection of every math textbook you could ever need. So, go ahead in and bring that microwavable burrito in from Trader Joe’s and take your time finishing your math homework.

[divider]Social Studies Resource Center[/divider]

While the MRC is a classic, you cannot discount its younger brother, the Social Studies Resource Center (SSRC). What the SSRC does not have to offer is microwaves, but it makes up for it by offering many computers and larger desks, perfect for those days when you really need to sprawl out.

[divider]Grassy mini-quad area near language buildings[/divider]

This is one of those weird, neglected spots on campus. It is somewhat out of the way, being near the foreign language buildings, and is often overshadowed by its bigger brother, the quad. While it may not be as big as the quad, it definitely offers a nice quiet retreat from fluorescently-lit rooms. Bring a blanket if you don’t want to  get covered in grass, a hard surface to write on and soak up both knowledge and some vitamin D.

[divider]Student Resource Center[/divider]

The student resource center is not even comparable to what it was last year. It has managed to pull a “Gucci Mane” and shed its metaphorical beerbelly and literal stench to become a beautiful, beanbag-filled haven. While not as quiet as some of the other spots listed, its beanbags more than make up for this shortcoming. So go ahead and sink in.

[divider]Town and Country[/divider]

If all of the above options fail, studying at Town and Country can be a fun option as long as you make sure to not get too distracted. Bring your earbuds and overstay your welcome at Peet’s or Douce France with your favorite coffee purchase. Bonus points for taking a picture and putting it on your Snapchat story to tell all your friends just how seriously you take your work.

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