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3 in 2000: Pippa, Grant and Becca Raffel

As told to the Campanile’s own Kian McHugh, Josefin Kenrick and Hillel Zand

Pippa Raffel: I have to pee. Why do I always have to pee?

Becca Raffel: You have to pee? I do too.

The Campanile: Clear the air–are you guys cousins, twins, triplets or adopted siblings?

BR: We’re cousins and [Grant and I] are brother and sister.

TC: Who’s the biggest party animal?

BR: Oh that’s Pippa… no, Grant.Grant’s at parties that are above our level.

TC: Who’s the better athlete?

BR: I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that we’re all equal.

TC: That’s not true is it?

BR: I mean you got a 2-time state champion over here. But all of the Raffels have been to CCS finals.

PR: But Grant and I do participate in an individual sport, whereas Becca may depend on the other five people on the court.

TC: Pippa, we hear you have a certain individual you may be fond of in The Campanile. Let’s talk about the boys.

PR: I don’t think that’s a great idea.

TC: Does his name rhyme with Mill Sendenhall?

PR: No.

TC: Any girls, Grant?

Grant Raffel: No, not at this time.

TC: So would you say that Pippa’s the biggest player?

BR: By far.

PR: I mean, look at me.

TC: Pippa, tell us about when you hit Erik Anderson’s (‘13) car.

PR: It was three days after I got my license and Kian was standing right there. That’s it.

TC: If you guys were going to rob a bank, who would be the brains, who would be the brawn and who would be the one holding you back?

BR: I would rob the bank, Pippa would be the getaway car and Grant would be like, “Guys you shouldn’t do that.”

TC: Which one of you has the best fashion sense?

PR: Grant is always color coordinated. I think [Becca and I] have different looks. Becca’s less preppy than I am. She goes the Uggs way, I go the loafers way.

TC: If you went to an island and you could each only bring one thing, what would you bring?

GR: I’d bring them.

BR and PR: Awwwwww

TC: Becca, would you rather be three feet taller or three feet shorter?

BR: I think three feet shorter because it gets awkward when you’re that tall. I think I’m reaching the limit.

TC: Do you feel that boys are intimidated by your height?

BR: Absolutely.

TC: What would you say to a guy trying to approach you?

BR: To all those guys trying to approach me out there, just no.

TC: If you could give a word of advice to any other siblings or cousins at Paly what would it be?

PR: I would say that even if you don’t really like your cousins or siblings, you should try being friends with them because that’s what I did. And look at this–I’m friends with them now.

GR: That’s really deep, Pippa. I’d say you always should say hello to them.

BR: You never say hi to me!

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