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How to dress to impress your friends this Halloween


With Homecoming, concerts, Spirit Week, testing and Halloween on the agenda for October, it’s easy to forget to meticulously plan out an unique and impressive Halloween costume. With all these events coming up, no one wants to spend hundreds of dollars perfecting a costume for a single night, so here are some affordable, feasible and comical ideas!

Napoleon Dynamite

The movie “Napoleon Dynamite” is undoubtedly a fan favorite and cult classic. Like many of the recommended costumes on the list, the supplies needed for this costume are limited and easy to come by. All you will need is a white t-shirt, a red permanent marker, a curly blond wig and the largest  pair of glasses you can find. Once you’ve purchased your supplies, recreate Jon Heder’s character’s iconic shirt by using a red marker to scrawl “Vote for Pedro” on a white t-shirt. Once you’ve created the shirt, grab your wig with curly brown hair, put on some nerdy glasses and you’re all set.

If you are interested in a group costume, gather some friends and have them play other characters in the iconic film. The choices range from lovestruck and awkward Kip to Napoleon’s dirt-biking grandmother. Whichever character you choose to resemble for Halloween, it’s sure to be an affordable crowdpleaser.

Frat Boys

Living in Palo Alto, we are constantly surrounded by this style. The mass amounts of Nike, Vineyard Vines and pastel apparel can sometimes be overwhelming, but why not mock this attire at your upcoming Halloween party?

This low-effort costume will take almost no time to create as you can borrow clothes from a friend and can be turned into an inclusive, fun group costume that anyone can join in on. To accomplish this popular look, grab a backwards baseball cap, some Nike Elite socks, slides and a pair of khaki or neon pastel shorts. Don’t be afraid to carry around a speaker blasting some Lil Wayne.

Life and Lemons

For someone who really doesn’t have time to prepare and opts for the clever and “punny” costume, I have something for you.

All you need for this is a white t-shirt and a bag of lemons; easy, right?

To create this easy costume, simply purchase a huge bag of lemons (they will run out quickly) and ruin an old t-shirt by writing “LIFE” on it with a permanent marker.

People will be shocked by your clever play on words as you’ll be life giving out lemons.

The slight downside of this costume is carrying around and handing out lemons for the entirety of the night, but it’s a small price to pay for such a witty and clever costume.

A Bunch of Grapes

If you really want to stand out in a crowd, this is a great choice. To dress up as a bunch of grapes, the necessary supplies are a large amount of purple balloons and some tape. Put on some purple clothes and go crazy taping purple balloons all over yourself.

Before you know it, you will have the perfect costume, impressing all your peers with your uncanny resemblance to a bunch of grapes. It can be even more fun when you consider the possibility of balloons randomly popping throughout the night.

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