Best Five Places to go on a Date

Wooing a romantic partner is not always an easy feat. You must keep him or her entertained and engaged in any activity the two of you partake in. Make sure that wherever you take your date has romantic ambiance to set the tone for your (hopefully) ensuing relationship, and that the activity you choose is fun because laughter is the key to happiness. If you are struggling to come up with ideas, here are just a few of the many accessible places around Palo Alto that are sure to impress even the toughest of dates.

Winter Lodge

3009 Middlefield 

An ice skating date is a classy winter activity. And luckily for us, we have our very own ice skating rink here in Palo Alto. At $26 for two admission tickets to the Winter Lodge and two skate rentals, a romantic and fun-filled night is relatively affordable. Though there are few places to get away from the crowd of skaters to have your special moments, spinning together while holding hands will be more than perfect. Don’t worry if you have never skated before, anyone can pick up skating and grow comfortable on the ice. If you are struggling to stay upright, hold your date’s hand and let him or her help you. Working together is something that strengthens any relationship. Winter Lodge is great for double dates as well. The more the merrier, and having friends around is sure to alleviate any awkwardness with your date. Ice skating is an especially great activity for a first date, because if it’s uncomfortable or something goes wrong, you can always skate away. Be wary though, Winter Lodge is not open all year round. Take your date over fast because the rink will close for the season on April 14!


Century  16

Cinemark Century

500 N Shoreline Blvd

Movies theaters are dark and cozy and make a great place for a more intimate experience with your special someone. Although certain people may find the inherent lack of conversation frustrating, many others enjoy the classic movie date. Take your date to a funny movie or a scary movie but most importantly something you both want to watch. If you and your date are up for a scary movie, you will find a great excuse to cuddle as you endure the suspenseful plot line together. Be careful though: at Cinemark Century theaters, only half the seats allow the arm rests to fall into the seats. The other half of the seats recline. If possible, snatch a couple seats with no armrests because they allow for a more intimate experience. Getting to the movies can sometimes be problematic, especially if you cannot drive and do not want your parents to meet your date just yet. You may also not want your parents to continuously ask you questions about your date in the near future. Also be wary that tickets and food prices can add up quickly. To save some money for your next date, sneak your own food in. Candy easily fits in pockets.

Beach Picnic 

Pescadero, CA

Imagine the sound of waves crashing in the background, the sun warming your skin, the scent of the salty ocean air filling your nostrils and your beautifully prepared picnic lying before you. This is the picturesque beach picnic. If your date is not impressed, there is something wrong. Ditch him or her now. Beaches up here in NorCal are not the warmest, but they are still extremely beautiful. From Palo Alto, you can get to a beautiful beach in the Pescadero area in about 45 minutes. There are many beaches along Cabrillo Highway, most of which will be your personal private beach. A private setting in nature with food is an unbeatable combination.There are endless activities to do with your date at the beach. Enjoying the tide pools together is always fun if you come at the right time. Although slightly childish, building sand castles and forts is another great interactive activity. Be prepared to get sandy though! To clean off, swim together in the frigid Pacific water; it’s another fantastic bonding experience.Most importantly, bring good food to the beach. Food is the key to your lover’s heart so pack a well-thought out picnic!


 494 University Ave

Located on the edge of downtown Palo Alto is Yogurtland, which offers great post-dinner treats. It has a wide range of flavored yogurt and an even wider range of goodies such as candy and fruits to top off your yogurt. It’s fun, it’s hip and it’s well-lit. Though not quite a romantic getaway, Yogurtland is easily accessible to almost everyone in Palo Alto and is quite a lively place. If you don’t want to stay, yogurt is transportable and doesn’t melt too quickly, so you can take it back home together and eat in private if you wish. At night, Yogurtland can become a madhouse, but you are sure to see someone you know, which can be a plus or minus depending on whether you want to be seen with your date or not. Yogurtland is also cheap at about $3 for an average sized serving, so don’t refrain from piling on that extra yogurt or those delicious gummy bears. Some say the yogurt is too sweet, but on a date, the sweeter the better. It almost tastes like ice cream, but nevertheless it’s a great place to go for dessert after a night downtown. For an extra surprise, get the squishy orange balls toppings.

Coupa Cafe

538 Ramona St 

Also downtown is the small and quaint Coupa Café. Though it is well-known for its elegant drinks, it also offers delicious foods, which are perfect for a romantic night in a cute cafe or a day time extravagance with your lover. The pomme frites are divine. Coupa Café is a true cafe; it features a small outdoor patio and a large table with fire place at the end in the main room. It is packed full of small tables for two or four, but due to its small size, the tables are often full. This can be a downside: standing while eating is not hard to do but also not very attractive.While Coupa Café can be pricey, you can impress your date by paying for his or her expensive meal. Coupa Café gets its magic from its cuteness. It has an earthy tropical feel due to its Venezuelan roots. Everyone is calm despite the numerous  caffinated drinks. It is a relaxing environment where you can go to do your work or have a conversation with your beautiful date.

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