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SpaceX Launch Recap

On Feb. 6 at 1:30 EST, aerospace manufacturer SpaceX successfully launched a rocket out of Florida. The company spent over $500 million building this colossal machine, known as the Falcon Heavy rocket.

The SpaceX launch is revolutionary in the space industry due to the rocket’s large payload.

With added Payload capacity, SpaceX is carrying aboard the red Tesla roadster and will be transported to Mars with the rocket.

Additionally, the launch marks a historical moment for all commercial space flight companies and other aerospace enthusiasts.

SpaceX an aerospace manufacturer and space transport services  company founded by Tesla CEO Elon Musk in 2002, aimed to explore the concept of humanity’s eventual migration and survival on other neighboring planets, according to their official website. With the successful launch of the Falcon Heavy, SpaceX is one step closer to attain its dream of people inhabiting other planets.

Following the explosion of the company’s first rocket, Falcon 9, in 2016 due to a breached helium system, the success of the launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket is a redeeming moment SpaceX with them finally being able to launch successfully.

The success of the rocket launch signifies the future opportunities for space exploration, as well as the possibility of human life on other planets, much like science fiction novels and films where people can one day live on neighboring planets. Compleating SpaceX’s company mission.

“I think the SpaceX launch is very exciting because it shows how SpaceX has achieved the goals that it set for itself in the beginning. In addition, the capacity of the new rocket makes it much easier to transport goods into space.  Given SpaceX recent launch completions, it will be really exciting what they can do the rest of this year and later on.”

junior Robbie Selwyn

Many other fans tuned in to watch the SpaceX launch on live television or in person. Other than the exciting new venture into space exploration, the launch is a huge accomplishment because of its great difficulty.

“Since the space shuttles have been retired, their hasn’t been that much visible space exploration.  I think it’s cool that we’ve been doing our own heavy lifting [with space exploration]” Said Senior Connor McQuinn who tuned into watch the Falcon Heavy launch in February.

The launch of the Falcon Heavy is not only exciting due to the fact that it is a gateway to a futuristic world of people living in surrounding planets, it is also a great feat due to the difficulty of the launch.

For example in order to complete the launch, SpaceX needs to be able to complete a suicide burn.

A suicide burn refers to the action of a moving rocket or any powered object to descend on large body. An example of this would be the Apollo 13 landing on the moon.

“A suicide burn — landing upright with ur rocket throttle on — is really hard because if you’re a little late, you smash into the ground,” said senior Preston Sterling, who is interested in studying aerospace.

When asked further about the difficulty of completing a suicide burn, Preston said,

“You want to save fuel because that’s the most efficient route. It’s most efficient if you throttle up your engines really hard right before you land, as opposed to a slow and long burn, which makes the landing procedure more dangerous.”

Preston Sterling

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