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1 in 2000: Caity Berry


Caity Berry: How about I interview you instead?

The Campanile: No, that’s not how this works.

CB: Sam, do you want to pretend to be me? I’m not witty enough to do this interview.

TC: No! Sam is not you. You have to do this Caity.

CB: Okay fine, so where were we?

TC: Let’s talk about your running. What was your most embarrassing moment as a runner?

CB: Oh right. Well, there have been many. The time I threw up at Crystal Springs was pretty bad, also the time I fell over a pole was pretty humiliating.

TC: When did you run into a pole?

CB: I slammed into it on a run, and then a car stopped and people tried to help me!

TC: How does that even happen? What? Klutz…

CB: Definitely the worst time was when I threw the water bottle out of the bus window.

TC: Yikes… I remember that one. Ok, let’s change the topic. Where do you like to go with your friends?

CB: Oh, I really like drinking milkshakes!

TC: Ok, so where can one find the best milkshake in Palo Alto?

Cb: Ricks.

TC: I would disagree.

CB: You’re wrong! Fight me!

TC: Do you have any hobbies?

CB: I love going to the ukulele club!

TC: Wait, there’s actually a club for that?

CB: Yeah, it’s the best club on campus!

TC: Wow, there is a club for everything now, I can’t believe there’s actually a ukulele club. That’s a bit far-fetched.

CB: Hey! Stop!

TC: Do you ever feel like a plastic bag…

CB: Drifting through the wind…

TC: Yeah, wanting to start again?

CB: Yes.

TC: ‘Cause people confuse you with…

CB: Katy Perry?

TC: Yeah.

CB: Yeah.

TC: Does that happen?

CB: All the time.

TC: Really?

CB: I was actually named Caity Berry before she changed her name to Katy Perry, so I, like, think she stole it from me.

TC: So you’re the original?

CB: Yeah, obviously.

TC: Do you sing?

CB: Obviously better than her, but I play the ukulele.

TC: So, among your other talents, word on the street is that you’re also a track star.

CB: Well, running is always fun, haven’t really been doing it, but…

TC: What do you do at track, then?

CB: I’m kind of injured right now, so I can only run twice a week, but trying my hardest.

TC: What motivates you to run?

CB:  I really like the feeling after you run. Running itself is kind of the worst thing ever, but knowing that you finished a race is always nice.

TC: Are you excited for next year?

CB: I’m excited to be closer to being finished.

TC: Anything else you’d like to tell the community?

CB: You’re a star.

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