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Column: Second Semester Seniors


Every second semester, the graduating class of seniors embark on their journey to completing the easiest and most fun semester of high school. However, workload from the many AP and honors courses you signed up to take on as a second semester senior (SSS) for as an ambitious junior is now setting into reality.

The last weeks we spend as students at Paly will fly by whether we like it or not. Here are some tips on how to make the most of being an SSS.

Wear college gear for schools you’re not attending

Keep people guessing where you’ve committed to by repping a different college every day.

Once you step on your university’s campus, you won’t be able to walk around in other collegiate gear without being side-eyed.

That pile of sweatshirts, T-shirts and sweatpants branded by colleges you applied to, didn’t commit to or didn’t get into aren’t going to wear themselves.

You might as well get good use out of them while you can in the safe haven of Paly.

Celebrate something every day

Having difficulty getting excited for school? Make an occasion out of every day of the week.

Although the “Bachelor” TV show season is over, you can still catch up on previous seasons with your friends by dedicating two hours every Monday towards watching the show: many have named this day “Bachelor Monday.”

By Tuesday, many may already be drained after a long night of Bachelor debating and Snapchatting. To celebrate and commemorate that hardship, “Treat Yourself Tuesday” is a popular holiday celebrated by seniors. Indulge in the $14 pastry from Douce France that would, in any other circumstance, be considered outrageously expensive.

Halfway through the school week, peers often congragulate one another for making it to “hump day,” also known by others as Wednesday. As defined by Urban Dictionary, hump day is “the middle of a work week; used in the context of climbing a proverbial hill to get through a tough week.”

Another frequently celebrated holiday is “Friday Eve,” otherwise known as Thursday. With other major holidays such as New Year’s and Christmas, people celebrate the “eve,” and so why not celebrate the eve of the weekend.

Even when it may seem impossible to make a holiday out of a regular day, seniors will continue to surprise you.

Last but not least, a new senior tradition has arisen: dressing fancy on Fridays. Whether it is late homework, a test you haven’t studied for or both, at least you’ll play your part in Paly’s Duck Syndrome.

Go to libraries and cafes to socialize

Although libraries have previously been a place of concentration and procrastination, this semester it is a hub for seniors to meet, pull out homework and put it on the desk, and then chat about everything else without picking up their pencils once.

By avoiding other work, seniors may find themselves with an abundance of free time.

At popular locations such as Rinconada Library and Coupa Cafe, second semester seniors can fill their time by distracting fellow underclassmen who have real deadlines, or counseling eager juniors on how to score higher on the SAT as AJ Tutoring alumnae.

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