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More tables should be provided for dining purposes during lunch

Lunch time is an essential period of rest to break up an otherwise densely packed school day.

However, because of the lack of available eating locations on campus, students often have to eat their meals on the bare ground or unsheltered areas.

The Campanile thinks more areas for students to eat, specifically tables or indoor seating, should be available as a means to prevent unsanitary and inconvenient conditions for students.

The Student Center, which serves as the cafeteria, has a maximum capacity much less than the school population of around 2190. Yet, the only other eating areas available around campus are a few sporadically placed tables and benches.

With student population increasing every year, this issue is becoming more noticeable. Not only is sitting on the concrete to eat lunch uncomfortable, it also poses hygienic concerns, as it presents the risk of food being contaminated given its close proximity with the unsanitary ground.

While some might be content with sitting outside, on the quad or scattered throughout campus, cold or rainy weather renders a large portion of the ground seating areas unusable as they become exposed to the elements.

Students are then left with very few places to take shelter, forced to endure bitter temperatures and biting rain while scarfing down their lunch.

The Campanile suggests either the Student Center be expanded so that it holds more students or that administrators allocate funds to convert other areas such as unused classroom, the Media Arts Center and the Performing Arts Center to alternative lunch locations.

This would ensure that students can eat a relaxing lunch without having to be subject to harsh, perhaps even unsanitary, conditions.

We know in the past that areas such as the MAC became a big mess when students were allowed to each lunch there, so it is up to students to be more respectful of whether administrators or teachers provide alternative lunch areas.

While The Campanile also acknowledges it could be a costly endeavour to provide more lunch seating, we urge administration to consider purchasing a couple more tables to help offer alternative seating for students during lunch.

The ability for students to eat in a healthy, safe environment should be higher on the school’s priority list.

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