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Teachers should accept more feedback regarding ROLEs

The mayhem brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has seen students and staff make the transition to distance learning, where Zoom meetings aim to substitute for in-person classes and Schoology assignments compensate for classwork. In this time of confusion and uncertainty,  The Campanile urges staff to be open to accepting feedback regarding their workload and Zoom times, and to also be flexible with students in adapting to this unusual situation. 

A recent survey conducted by The Campanile in which 25 random students from all grade levels participated showed that for more than 95% of students, less than half of their teachers are asking for feedback on their workload and how long Required Online Learning Experiences are taking to complete. Additionally, 64% of students say their teachers have not communicated with them regarding which times work best for Zoom meetings.

This lack of communication has led to less than optimal participation in Zoom meetings and untimely completion of ROLE assignments, as well as many students spending far more or far less time than the designated three hours of ROLE work per class per week that the district recommends. In the same survey, 36% of students said that fewer than half of their teachers are assigning ROLEs that take them three hours to complete.

The unprecedented, sudden transition to distance learning has been difficult for both students and staff, but having more frequent and transparent communication between both parties would make ROLEs more effective for all. The Campanile would like to praise teachers who have created brief weekly Google Forms to assess student workload and availability and modified their ROLE structures accordingly.

By providing similar avenues to collect anonymous student feedback every week, teachers can adjust their curriculum to meet the three-hour requirement and increase participation in important Zoom meetings. The Campanile suggests these surveys be kept anonymous unless students opt to provide their name — this way, students are able to honestly voice their feedback without fear of upsetting their teachers.

The Campanile encourages teachers to be more open to receiving feedback concerning their proposed Zoom times and course work, which will ultimately improve the effectiveness of distance learning.

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