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The positives of online learning


Classrooms? More like class Zooms. While schools are now taking place online in the comfort of our own homes, students are still divided on whether or not the benefits of comfort outweigh the costs of decreased social interaction.  But in many ways, online learning has expanded our horizons.

You can customize your own learning environment

Online learning gives you the opportunity to find your perfect study place. It doesn’t matter whether you love loud punchy music while you work or find comfort in the familiarity of your favorite TV show playing in the background, no one’s going to ask you to turn it down. It’s all possible. With online learning, you now have the ability to customize your learning space to your needs to help you do your best work. So go! Be free! Whether you want to color-code the entire room from top to bottom, play classical music until you become Mozart himself, or make so much coffee you put Starbucks out of business, now you can. Just don’t forget to actually study.

You’re free to go at your own pace

In-person school doesn’t give much flexibility when it comes to the pace of work given, and this pacing may not be compatible with your own learning style. But now, attending school online gives you a chance for something different. Many teachers are providing more time for students to do their own, asynchronous learning. This now gives us more options: you can spread out work out throughout the week, doing it all ahead of time, or leave it for the night before and procrastinate like you might’ve anyway.

It’s eco-friendly

Students no longer have to drive or take the bus to school. Hooray! No more early morning commutes, unless you count the walk from your bed to your desk which tends to feel just as long, especially on a Monday morning. In fact, drivers are saving money and the planet by not having to pay for gas and polluting the air.

You’ll learn a sense of discipline

Time management is essential to learning successfully online. Without having physical class to sit in and a teacher to look over your shoulder, what you do with class time and after school is up to you. As a result, many students are learning how to better manage their time and are becoming more self-disciplined. These skills will help students in high school, college and beyond.

While online learning may not be for everyone, it’s important to try to make the best out of the situation we find ourselves in and work toward the best possible outcome.

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