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Creating playlists for significant others


When you need a little boost in your relationship, either because your significant other is feeling down or you just want to blow them out of this world, making a playlist of music is always a heartwarming gesture. Be wary though, slapping together some random songs is not going to cut it.

Picking the songs

Picking the songs is going to be the hardest part. First, if there are any songs that will spark happy memories with your significant other, be sure to include those. Second, keep in mind the vibe you’re trying to send with this playlist. It is supposed to make her or him feel happy? Relaxed? Or is this a romantic playlist? If you can’t decide, making a collection of playlists for every mood is another good idea, just be sure to group similar songs together.

If you are making a playlist to cheer up your significant other, stick to upbeat, relaxed, happy songs. Keep in mind your significant other is feel- ing down and; if you only have songs that boast about being happy all the time then they are not going to feel better. Find songs with deeper meanings; songs about being sad but finding love and becoming happy. They may sound cheesy, but there is a certain beauty to cheesy because cheesy is funny. And laughter is, after all, the cure to everything.

For relationships that you want to bring to the next level, you can always make a romantic playlist. Music to listen to while you and your significant other are eating caprese and sipping sparkling apple cider from champagne glasses on a red and white picnic blanket on the beach. Even if your romantic playlist is not supposed to spark unconditional romance, it will still provide a good laugh when your significant other starts playing it in their home stereo for everyone in the house to hear.

If your music library doesn’t have the necessary tracks for the mood you are trying to portray with your playlist, you can always use applica- tions such as Spotify or Pandora to find new music. You can even make a Spotify playlist and share it with him or her If your taste in music is not the greatest, find something else to give to your significant other. If you are still determined, work with a friend, or use applications on Spotify such as Moodagent, which finds new songs that go with the mood you are trying to express.

Presenting the CD

Presentation is key. It is a hundred times cuter and more meaningful if you don’t share your playlist electronically and give it to your lover in person. Burn a CD of the playlist, decorate the top of the CD with hearts using red sharpies and grab a Hershey’s kiss.

When gifting, presentation is key, especially with something as easy and cheap as a CD. It is the thought that counts, so surprise your significant other and shower them with your freshly-made playlist. This wonderful care package is a sure way to please.

After you have completed all of these tasks, make sure to follow through with a kind message asking if they liked their present or not. It’s good to know if your music tastes are on par with your lover; if they are not, keep trying and never give up.

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