Board President Ken Dauber resigns after eight years of service


Julian Hong

The resignation of the Board president and a controversy surrounding open forum speaking time highlighted the Nov. 15 Board of Education meeting.

First elected in 2014, President Ken Dauber officially resigned after eight years of service. Dauber has been an advocate for student mental health support and helped oversee the implementation of the Wellness Centers at Paly and Gunn and the curtailing of zero-period classes.

Many attendees at the meeting said Dauber’s legacy is one of success and action.

“One of the main things you taught me was how to get things done,” Vice President Jennifer DiBrienza said.

Over 45 minutes, Dauber’s accomplishments were celebrated by over 15 different community members.

During the meeting, the Board also voted 3-2 to reduce open forum speaking time to two minutes. Open forum is time allocated to the general public to comment on matters to the Board. Through Zoom or in-person, the speakers used to have three minutes to address the Board.

DiBrienza, Board member Jesse Ladomirak and both student representatives opposed the resolution. 

“I can understand where the Board is coming from,” Paly Board Representative Johannah Seah said. “But I think what makes it difficult is that it does deter students from coming to speak. It’s already the case that many do not come to meetings.”

Ladomirak said she thinks more public participation at Board meetings is better for the Board.

“I believe our past practice, which started at three minutes and decreased from there when a large number of community members wanted to speak to a specific item, struck the right balance. I saw no compelling reason to change it,” she said.

Despite voting against the change, Ladomirak said the new policy shouldn’t impact the number of people who can comment at meetings, and many speakers currently don’t use their full three minutes.

Ladomirak said, “Those who do have a lot to say will need to do so more efficiently, and, of course, are always encouraged to email their thoughts in writing to [email protected].