Revamped Apple store at Stanford Shopping Center opens, features modern look


Jonathan Ziegler

Apple Store at Stanford University just before opening.

A new Apple store had its grand opening today in Palo Alto at 10 a.m.  People crowded around the store, waiting for the doors to open so that they could be some of the first to enter.

The store is located at 379 Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto.  It is a huge building with 12,100 square feet.  The store is very modern, with rows of merchandise evenly spaced within two huge rectangular rooms.  The store also has a cheerful atmosphere, with floor to ceiling windows and bright pictures on the walls.

Apple built the new store to replace the older one already located at the Stanford Shopping Center.  The new store is much larger and grander.

The new Apple store at the Stanford Shopping Center is the second one in Palo Alto, and should make buying Apple products easier and more convenient.

“The new Apple store offers a  much better alternative to the University Avenue Apple store, and should make it less packed and a more enjoyable place to shop,” junior Wesley Woo said.

The new Apple store has been in progress for two years, and was allegedly designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson in 2011.

The Apple store at Stanford Shopping Center is part of Apple’s continual growth, and part of its plan to open 30 stores around the world this year.