ASB Update

Palo Alto High School’s Associated Student Body is beginning to vamp up for the new school year with many events and activities that will draw in more student attention. With Club Day and the first football game of the season having been the two biggest, ASB is looking for ways to bring more attendance to the events.

“ASB is trying to involve students more in student activities,” ASB President Parker Devine said. “This involves increasing student activities–not only dances, but music son the quad and other things such as that. One of our bigger goals is to make prom better; we want to increase attendance and approval rating from the student body and decrease prices.”

According to Devine, Paly has about 75 clubs this year and ASB’s contribution to all of the clubs is becoming a lot more hands on, including the whole student body in all activities and creating fun, competitive event in which different classes can compete in.

“Instead of just shutting the clubs down when its contract did not fit the requirements we held, we asked the club to revise and fix things, Devine said.”

Moving forward, ASB’s plan for the year is to include as many students in the school activities and events as possible and to make this school year the most eventful yet.