ASB should fund project to improve Senior Deck

For years, occupying the Senior Deck has been a staple of being a senior. For three years, each class toils on the Quad, until the time comes for them to mount the Senior Deck at the start of their fourth year at Palo Alto High School.
However, some seniors find themselves thoroughly underwhelmed by the realities of the deck. In truth, the Senior Deck is hot, crowded and uncomfortable. The brown paint absorbs plenty of heat, making the Senior Deck noticeably hotter than the rest of the Quad. This can be especially uncomfortable during the numerous hot days during the school year.

The heat problem is only compounded by the fact that there is little to no shade on the Senior Deck. Furthermore, going on the deck during brunch and lunch is something a majority of each rising senior class looks forward to. However, the Senior Deck is nowhere near big enough to allow every senior space on the deck. While space in general on the Senior Deck is limited, space for seating is even more scarce.

With just two tables and a few wooden steps available for students to sit on, only a few lucky seniors are able to grab space on the deck.The rest have to stand for the duration of their stay on the Senior Deck.

Admittedly, the space problem is a rather difficult problem to solve as the deck is not located in a place where it could be easily expanded. However, the issues of limited seating and shade on the other hand, could be relatively cheap and easy to fix.

For starters, adding a few benches or picnic tables would significantly increase the amount of seating space that there currently is. From a practicality standpoint, adding more seating space would not be much of a financial burden. One can easily find a variety of tables and benches, a vast majority of which are under $300. Buying a few of even the most expensive tables and benches would barely make a dent in the tens of thousands of dollars ASB has in their operating budget.

The lack of shade problem can be solved in much a similar way. A large tailgate style tent or awning could keep the sun off the Senior Deck and supply the tradition-filled slab of wood with some much needed shade. Just like the benches or picnic tables, a tent-like covering would not significantly burden ASB financially in the least.

So the next time ASB decides to go on a spending spree, instead of spending thousands of dollars on things like dances that are expensive and sparsely attended, sink a little money into the Senior Deck, something every Paly student will enjoy at some point in their Paly career.