1 In 2000

1 In 2000

Featuring Izzy Kelley

The Campanile: Do you want to introduce yourself first?

Izzy Kelley: I’m Izzy, I’m a freshman.

TC: Tell us about your presidency and what made you decide to run.

IK: I thought about it last year and I just thought it’d be a cool new thing to do and over the summer I was put in a leadership position with my water polo team and I really liked it so then I did even more.

TC: Who’s the coolest person on ASB so far?

IK: I have to pick?

TC: Yeah, top two.

IK: I don’t know. Well [senior] Audrey [DeBruine] and [sophomore] Owen [Dulik] are really nice to me.

TC: Shout out to Audrey and Owen!

IK: They also know my brother [senior Sam Kelley].

TC: That’s true. So what’s the best thing about Paly so far?

IK: Um, I really like my friends.

TC: Tell us about your freakish water polo abilities.

IK: I’ve worked really hard at water polo, and being able to go up to varsity as a freshman is really cool.

TC: Did your brother playing water polo have an influence on you?

IK: Well actually I started playing before him.

TC: Oh so you’re the trendsetter?

IK: Yeah.

TC: Who’s better: you or him?

IK: He happens to be a senior so, there’s that. But I could do better than him when I’m a senior. I’m better than he was when he was a freshman.

TC: What’s it like being Sam’s little sister?

IK: It’s really cool because some of his friends know me so I have some senior friends.

TC: Is Sam as crazy as he his at school as he is at home?

IK: I guess not. I didn’t know he had the nickname “Crazy Sam” until like a month ago.

TC: Have you heard of any other wild stories about him?

IK: I don’t know if I want to.

TC: Ok, we’re going to play a game of “would you rather”. Would you rather fart popcorn or have your past and future web browsing history available to everyone?

IK: Web browsing I guess…?

TC: Would you rather have accordions for legs or have a huge belly button 10 inches long that swayed to the beat of music?

IK: Ummm, accordions for legs.

TC: I think a belly button would be better but… Alright, so last one: Would you rather live in a world with huge gummy bears walking around or live in a world where hoverboards exist?

IK: Hoverboards.

TC: What’s the worst thing about Paly?

IK: The tests.

TC: Do you have any favorite teachers?

IK: Mr. Farrell is really cool. I like him. And I also have Ms. Orr; she’s also really cool.

TC: What are some of your goals for high school?

IK: I had plans coming into school, which have already come true.

TC: Water polo and class president?

IK: Yeah.

TC: Can you go any higher?

IK: Yeah.


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