Boys volleyball rally falls short


Luca Vostrejs

After a fierce battle in the fifth set, boys volleyball (7-8) fell short against number one seed Los Altos (14-1) on May 2. Paly held a 2-0 lead following the first two sets, but Los Altos rallied and won the final set by two points.

Despite going into the game knowing Los Altos was a formidable opponent, head coach Ed Yeh said the team put in maximum effort and intends to improve on its fine mechanics.

“They kept the energy as much as they could,” Yeh said. “Every time we try to improve on little things. A lot of these kids came in skilled, so we just have to tune up their skills and have them work as a team.”

Junior Cal Currier said losing a 2-0 lead lowered the team’s motivation.

“We won the first two sets, but then they won the third and fourth, and we lost our morale after that,” Currier said. “It was really hard to turn the energy back up on the court.”

Although his team lost, Yeh said he was impressed that it took the number one seeded team to the fifth set.

“The boys did really well. We took Los Altos to five sets twice, so we deserve to be out there,” Yeh said.

Currier also said the team played well despite having a height disadvantage in the SCVAL league.

“We are the shortest team in (SCVAL), and we’ve done really well for the height we have on our team,” Currier said.

Considering the game was senior night, Currier said the seniors deserve credit for their hard work and contributions to the team.

“Some of our best players are seniors, so working to replace them next year is going to be really difficult,” Currier said. “I’ll miss them so much. I love the way they play, and they’re really good people.”

Yeh said the seniors came far this year, and he is sad to see them go.

“I’m proud of all of them. I’m proud of their effort, and I’m proud of their attitudes,” Yeh said. “Some of these kids have been here three or four years, and I probably see them more than any teacher on campus. I’m going to miss them all.”