Bites for the Broke : Inexpensive T&C Lunches


Andrew Choi

Quiche From Douce France

Though many would argue that the price of lunches at Town & Country Village are rising and even unaffordable for students, there are several lesser-known options for  delicious, inexpensive meals. Below is a list of ideas that will satisfy your cravings without putting a dent in your wallet.


Where: Douce France

Description: These quick and easy-to-eat French delicacies are a steal at just under four dollars, and feature a flaky crust filled with a cheesy egg center. Be sure to test each of the four flavors: ham, spinach, mushroom and onion.

Spring Roll

Where: Asian Box

Description: Those seeking a healthy, fresh lunch can head to Asian Box for the ready-to-go spring rolls. The tofu spring roll paired with a peanut coconut lime sauce and the shrimp spring roll dipped in tangy tamarind sauce never disappoints.


Where: Sushi House

Description: Though the rice and teriyaki chicken bowl is a favorite among Paly students, the sushi menu is a hidden gem. There are dozens of rolls to choose from, including cucumber, California and tuna, all between $3.75 and $5.25 —  less than the chicken bowl.


Where: Douce France

Description: On a cold, rainy afternoon, soup is the perfect food for the occasion. The type of soup changes each day of the week, and each bowl is served with a thick, crusty slice of baguette bread.


Where: Jamba Juice

Description: These straight-from-the-oven pretzels are delivered piping hot to customers as they are briefly heated before saving. Both flavors — apple cinnamon and sourdough Parmesan — go hand-in-hand with a signature Jamba Juice smoothie.