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Taste testing viral influencer snacks, beverages so you don’t have to

Kate Xia

After successfully infiltrating the entertainment industry with clickbaits and scams, many YouTubers try to insert themselves into the food industry hoping to farm even more money from their naive subscribers.

To protect these gullible members of our society, we have taken it upon ourselves to review some of the most popular YouTubers’ snack brands –– from Chamberlain Coffee to Feastables.

Chamberlain Coffee: $3

We started by trying our luck with the Vanilla Latte from YouTuber Emma Chamberlain’s brand, Chamberlain Coffee. With 12 million subscribers, Chamberlain is most known for her vlogs, fashion, self-deprecating humor and her reliance on gallons of coffee to make up for her poor sleep schedule. Because of this, we expected a satisfactory drink.

However, we were proven horribly wrong. We started by inspecting the packaging, which recommended us to “shake well,” and we soon discovered why. Opening the can of coffee, we were greeted with a sweet smell, similar to that of raw cookie dough.

But as soon as we poured out the coffee, white chunks of a mysterious substance oozed out in a muddy-looking liquid. A white film quickly formed on top of the coffee, as if we hadn’t shaken the bottle at all.

Despite the initially pleasant smell, the drink barely had any flavor of coffee and instead tasted like bitter mud, a problem with most pre-packaged coffee.

As much as we disliked the coffee we actually agree with some of Chamberlain’s statements about her brand. Her website states the purpose of Chamberlain’s drinks are to, “…enjoy every sip, slurp and spill.” While we definitely would not agree with the first part, we absolutely will enjoy every spill when it comes to this abhorrent drink. 

Rating: (-∞/10)

Feastables Chocolate Bar: $1.82

YouTuber MrBeast has announced the retirement of his old chocolate bar formula, recently introducing a supposedly improved chocolate formula instead. He describes it as “the best tasting chocolate ever made by mankind” –– we beg to differ.

We decided to put his claim to the test by trying his new Feastable’s Milk Crunch bar, as we assumed it was akin to a real Crunch bar. Since he is known worldwide for spending millions of dollars on his extravagant videos and gaining an astonishing total of 242 million subscribers on YouTube, we expected the highest degree of excellence.

When we initially grabbed the bar off a shelf at Walmart, we were impressed by its high-quality packaging and sleek design. Unlike a Crunch bar, the Feastable chocolate bar was purely chocolate while the thin bottom layer had crisped rice sparsely mixed in. As we started to indulge, there was an apparent imbalance between the crisped rice and chocolate.

Despite this, we were pleased by the results of his improved chocolate formula which was notably rich and creamy, and, for this, we applaud MrBeast’s efforts. To claim this is the “best tasting chocolate ever made by mankind,” however, seems to be another marketing ploy to cater to his 8-year-old subscribers.

Rating: (7/10)

Be Happy Popcorn: $3.48

Already famous as Tiktokers, YouTubers, failed singers, dancers and reality show stars, there is no reason for the D’Amelio sisters to launch a product in the snack industry. Yet they did, leaving us with no choice but to taste a flavor of their Be Happy popcorn brand. We decided to go with the savory flavor Nice Spice.

At first glance, this product caught our attention because of its appealing packaging. The vibrant orange and yellow shades complemented each other well, and the bubble font really did make us want to be happy.  Our expressions shifted as we opened the bag, hit with a whiff of potent spice. The packaging promised “Xtra large” popcorn, but the kernels still aren’t visible under a microscope.

Sure enough, as we placed a kernel in our mouths, we began to regret all the decisions that brought us to this moment. It seemed as if the bag had been opened, forgotten about for a week, then left to sit there and rot.

However, we do commend Be Happy for its simplistic recipe. To recreate its taste, simply use the secret ingredients: every expired spice in your house, dump them into a bowl and stir well. Instead of resulting in us being happy, we desperately want the popcorn to be gone.

Rating: (2.5/10)

Karl Gummies: $2.97

To finish off our hearty meal, we tried another product from Feastables –– Karl Gummies, created by MrBeast’s close friend and Minecraft YouTuber Karl Jacobs. Compared to the other snacks, we were not impressed by the packaging.

Once opened, we noticed a moist and sugary substance coating the inside of the bag, along with the gummies which were stuck together in a clump at the bottom.

As we pulled a gummy out, we realized the gummies were not a bright teal but a swamp green. Although the blue raspberry flavor was not as bad as “Vanilla Latte,” eating the gummy was like chewing on a rubber tire.

We discovered their slogan was “Feast Like a Beast,” which we really resonated with. While eating, we sure felt like a Loch Ness Monster that found a glob of blue-green debris at the bottom of the swamp.

Rating: (2.1/10)

While we wish we could end on a good note, there is simply nothing but terror in any of these YouTuber snack brands. We hope they immediately discontinue all their brands and stick to what they do best –– talking to themselves and posting it online.

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