Top four places to study in Palo Alto


Keith Walters/Flickr

Students embrace the chill vibe at Starbucks by ordering a signature drink and hitting the books.

Meyer Library

560 Escondido Mall, Stanford, CA 94305

If you are seeking some peace and quiet away from the chaotic environment of high school, Stanford University’s Meyer Library is the place to go. Located half a mile across the street from El Camino Real, it is easily accessible to high school students due to its close proximity and lack of security in terms of checking Stanford IDs. So bring your textbooks, laptop and study materials and feign maturity as you pretend to be a Stanford student. Not only will you find total solace in its quiet and seemingly ever expansive study spaces, but you may even feel motivated in trying to blend in with the hard working, focused Stanford students surrounding you.


2000 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306

Though popular for their brand name coffee, Starbucks locations such as the one located on El Camino Real also offers fantastic study spots. With a study bar equipped with outlets for each spot, you can bring your laptop and work on cutting edge research or college applications without worrying about battery life. There are also couches in isolated corners if you are seeking a quieter environment for intensive exam preparation. Now Starbucks also carries pastries and other food items from La Boulange, providing great study snacks from typical cookies like chocolate chip to their popular panini’s like the roasted tomato and mozarella. Order a cup of coffee or a Frappucino and find a spot along the high bar for some intensive studying.

Coupa Café 

538 Ramona St  Palo Alto, CA 94301

Are you the type of student that eats voraciously while studying? If so, Coupa Café will fulfill all of your study cravings and supply you with almost any type of brain food you can imagine. You can enjoy their popular drinks and snacks, including the Tiger Spice Chai tea latte, Mayan hot chocolate — $2.85 and $3.10 respectively for the small size ­­— and variety of pastries and savory foods while frantically annotating your English book or taking notes for your upcoming chemistry test. Grab a snack and find a spot along the walls with cozy sofa-like seats to study. Be warned that there will be conversations going on; though not loud, they could be distracting. If you don’t mind the buzz, then Coupa Café offers a warm, relaxing environment for students to snack while cozying up with books or digging deep into assignments.

Your House Roof

Your Address

Tired and bored of slaving over school work at your usual desk? Try and finagle your way up to the roof of your house. Though often overlooked for the difficulty of getting up and lack of furniture to write or lounge on, roofs can be quite serene and give you a peace of mind while studying out of a textbook or reading the 90 pages of Shakespeare assigned for Advanced Placement Literature due the next day. Being isolated from the chaos and stress associated with your usual study spot will give you some tranquility while slugging through work. Make you take paperweights unless you want your AP Statistics worksheet flying away!