Administration Update

New buildings close to finish

As the media arts center and new math and social studies buildings wrap up, the administration has moved on to the interior planning stage of the construction.

According to Principal Kim Diorio, the administration is looking for  ways to get student help and advice for the interior design of the buildings.

“I am hoping to come back to some students because I think it is really important that kids have ownership of those spaces and are involved in the design process,” Diorio said.

Diorio is unsure about how exactly to get the student involvement they are looking for, but will be working towards it with Assistant Principal Jerry Berkson and other student groups such as the Associated Student Body (ASB), and student publications.

In addition, the administration started a new tradition on Nov. 1, with seniors wearing pajamas to school to recognize the day after the due date for early college applications.

“I thought that could be a really cool legacy as a new, positive, tradition for this senior class,” Diorio said.

Lastly, according to Diorio, some new courses will be proposed to the school board on Nov. 6. One proposed class is a Nanotechnology class in partnership with Foothill College.

Diorio is passionate about preparing students for the world ahead and offering classes that will assist them in their futures.

“We’re looking at our course offering as and making sure they are more appropriate for what’s coming down the road,” Diorio said.