Administration Update

Construction on the new Media Arts center as well as the math and social studies building are in the final stages, and administration is now focusing on the new construction projects that will begin almost immediately.

“We’re looking at everything being completed by Spring Break,” Principal Kim Diorio said.

According to Diorio, the furnishings and equipment for these buildings are being chosen and ordered. Though these buildings are nearly done, construction on campus is just beginning. The next project is the Performing Arts center. Diorio hopes the new construction work will begin by April 15.

Most math teachers in the 700s building are expected to move in to the new math and social studies building in May. The old building will then be used as a temporary Physical Education storage facility in preparation for construction of a new gym that will be occurring later this year.

“We’re making plans for field space and pool [space] for next year for athletics,” Diorio said.

The administration is also working on a commemoration of the big gym. According to Diorio, it is meant to be a community event before the old gym comes down.