School Board Update

Superintendent Kevin Skelly announced his decision to step down on Feb. 18, which was an issue the Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) Board of Education discussed, among many other matters.
Board members began by discussing steps to accommodate Skelly’s resignation, and hope to find a replacement before his resignation on June 30.
Next, staff presented an overview of their progress with the Energy Conservation Program. Three years ago, PAUSD entered a four-year partnership with Cenergistic, an energy management company,  to reduce consumption of gas, water and electricity at PAUSD schools. During the last year of the partnership, PAUSD Board members hope to reduce carbon footprints.
The Board also reviewed the 2013-14 financial reports. They deliberated the approval of a positive certification, guaranteeing that the school district can satisfy its financial responsibilities and obligations until the end of the fiscal year, as well as the next two years.
Lastly, the Board discussed candidate choices for the CBSA assembly. The candidates are: Robert Benevento, Frank Biehl, Judy Hannemann, Nancy Newkirk, Pam Parker and Christopher Stampolis. The Board will review and vote on the list March 11 to fill the vacancies in the Santa Clara region.