Faculty shadowing students in classes

On March 13, Principal Kim Diorio shadowed a freshman student who is currently a part of the TEAM program. Throughout the day, Diorio went to World History, English 9A, Biology and Advisory.

This experience allowed her to empathize with students in terms of distractions in class, uncomfortable desks and chairs, “disgusting” bathrooms, hunger in class and the library food policy.

Throughout the day Diorio texted assistant Principal Jerry Berkson about things she noticed along the way and even ended up late to two of her three classes.

“I totally get it now,” Diorio said in response to what students struggle with on a daily basis.

On March 21, Assistant Principal Victoria Kim shadowed  as well.

After her shadowing experience, Diorio called a meeting with the rest of Paly’s administration and encouraged everyone to experience shadowing a student. Twenty-five teachers have signed up to shadow.

The program has existed for nearly a month and teachers such as math teacher David Baker have already participated.